2014 Ghana Deaf Golf Tournament

Recently from March 26 to 28, Ghana Deaf Golf Association hosted a training camp and the 2014 Tournament at the Royal Golf Park in Kumasi, Ghana.   This is their 2nd tournament; they hosted the first tournament in 2012.



A nice turnout of golfers participated in the event.  Isaac Agyemang won a first place trophy with the score of 105, Yaw Konadu secured a second place with 121, and John Forson was placed 3rd with the score of 131.

From left to right:  Yaw Konadu - 2nd place, Isaac Agyemang - 1st place, and John Forson - 3rd place.

From left to right: Yaw Konadu – 2nd place, Isaac Agyemang – 1st place, and John Forson – 3rd place.

Isaac Agyemang with his 1st place trophy.

Isaac Agyemang with his 1st place trophy.

The WDGF Board is pleased to see the progress of the Ghana Deaf Golf Association continuing their development in golf.   With hopes, the Ghana Deaf Golf Association is able to produce a team of stronger golfers for the future WDGCs!

All photos posted on this page is the credit to and the courtesy of Yaw Konadu.

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WDGF Nomination Form for the 2014 – 2018 Term

As per March 2014 newsletter, on page 2:  This coming 2014 WDGF General Meeting will include an election for a new four-year term, 2014-2018.  Here is a new nomination form.  The following positions are available for the election:

- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Board Members (3 positions)

Only eligible member nations, which paid for 2014 membership fees by the deadline, may nominate their candidates for one or more positions.  Further instruction is in the nomination form.  Good luck to all candidates!

DEADLINE:  JUNE 12, 2014

WDGF Newsletter – March 2014

The March 2014 edition newsletter is now available for a reading!

Here are the highlights of the newsletter:

- WDGC 2014 – Exciting Times Ahead!
- Important Dates
- Audiograms & Handicap Certificates
- WDGF Membership Fees
- 2014 WDGF General Meeting
- R&A video in British Sign Language
- Golf in Deaflympics
- Denmark gears up for 2016 WDGC
- 2018 WDGC Bids
- WDGF & Social Media

Wow!  We have covered a lot of topics!  Enjoy the reading…  Happy golfing in warmer places at this time of the year!

WDGF Vlog: Happy Holidays 2013 & Happy New Year 2014

The WDGF Board of Directors wishes to share this message with everyone:

WDGF Holiday Message 2013 from WDGF board on Vimeo.


Hello everyone!  I am Don Conway, Vice President for the World Deaf Golf Federation.  I would like to share the highlights on the behalf of the WDGF Board.   The first highlight is that throughout 2013, the Board have kept up with business very well by emailing and texting. As well, we are continuing good relations with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) as we are still hopeful for golf to be included in the 2017 Deaflympics.   We will know the result later in 2014, more likely at the 2014 General Meeting in the USA.

The second highlight is the upcoming 2014 World Deaf Golf Championships that will take place in July.  The time is getting closer and we are excited!  The Board continues having good relations with the 2014 WDGC committee. Their website is very well done and easily navigated.  However, the member nations must follow the strictly deadline of end of April to pay for players fees, registration and so on.   Also, including in the April deadline, the bid for hosting the 2018 World Deaf Golf Championships and we look forward to receiving them!

The third highlight is the preparation for the 2016 WDGC in Denmark is well underway.  The committee is working hard for this event and is very well-organized.  Our relations are very good and we look forward to keep it up.  For more information, the update of the 2016 WDGC will be presented at the 2014 General Meeting.  We look forward to their progress updates!

The fourth highlight is the further updates on WDGF meeting, WDGC, and so on.  We will provide further details when time gets closer.

The fifth and last… not the least… here’s the drink to the World Deaf Golf family and all the best in 2014!  See you in the USA!!  Sláinte!

WDGF Board Update


To Whom it may concern:

This email is to advise that our WDGF President has requested to step down from all official duties due to personal reasons, therefore our Vice President, Don Conway will be Acting President until further notice. All queries or questions in regards to this issue are to be directed to the Secretary with Don Conway to be copied into all correspondences – (vicepresident@worlddeafgolf.com).


Anders Hillding
Secretary, World Deaf Golf Federation

Official Letter

EDGOC Final Update

The European Deaf Golf Open Championships (EDGOC) has come to a close with Paul Waring of England winning the Men’s Championship! Andreas Nilsson of Sweden jumped from 6th place to 2nd by shooting 73 in the final round. Hans Elgaard of Denmark was placed third overall. Andrea Hjellegjerde of Norway was placed fourth overall.

Andrea watches Paul putt at the final hole (photo by Anders Hillding):


The final group thanks each other for the game (photo by Anders Hillding):


The Men’s top three players; Andreas Nilsson (SWE) on left, Paul Waring (ENG) centre, and Hans Elgaard (DEN) on the right (photo by Anders Hillding):


Andrea Hjellegjerde of Norway, 4th place finisher, who also was congratulated for scoring a hole in one on the 8th hole in the final round:


In the Men’s team competition, the England A Team won the the championship in the amazing final round based on count-back the fourth player’s total score on the each team. A count-back is a tie-breaker based on a hole by hole score by each player of each team and is reviewed which player has the lowest hole score to win the tie-breaker. The scoring system is not the same as the WDGF; the competition is based on the best of three totals out of four players. In the 2013 EDGOC, the tie-breaker is based on the fourth player’s best score. In spite of Nilsson’s strong comeback with a 73 that enabled the Swedish team tie with the English team, the Sweden A Team earned a well-deserving second place. The Danish team finished third ahead of the England B Team.

From left to right: Sweden A Team, England A Team, and Denmark Team (photo by Anders Hillding):


In the Stableford competitions, Johanna Mesch of Sweden won the ladies’ championship and Arne Karlsnes of Norway won the men’s championship.

Ladies’ Stableford Championship; from left: Bridgette Winkler-Vorweg (GER), Johanna Mesch (SWE), and Irma Uusimäki (FIN). (photo by Anders Hillding):


Men’s Stableford Championship; starting from left: Heikki Pekki (FIN), Arne Karlsnes (NOR), and Sami Vuoriheimo (FIN). (photo by Anders Hillding):


The European Deaf Golf Open Championships will be hosted three more times in the next 6 years:

4th EDGOC – 2015 – Norway
5th EDGOC – 2017 – England
6th EDGOC – 2019 – Sweden

The WDGF Board would like to wish sincerest congratulations to all of the 2013 Euro Deaf Open winners and the Finnish Organizing Committee for their excellent hosting.

**Corrections were made after a final verification from Anders Hillding – apologies for confusion this may have caused for the readers. – Arista Haas

Euro Deaf Golf Open Update

Today was the first day of the 3rd European Deaf Golf Open Championships at the Kytäjä Golf Course in Finland. The course is about 70 kilometres away from Helinski and is voted as the Finland’s fifth best course. The greens are fast and several bunkers are spread out on the fairways and near the greens. This proves to be a challenging course! 54 golfers from 7 countries are participating in the event under three divisions: Men’s Competition (handicap 18.0 or lower), Men’s Stableford, and Ladies’ Stableford.

The top scores are Paul Waring of England with 72 (even par), Hans Elgaard of Dennark with 74, and Andrea Hjellegjerde with 78. Please note Andrea is a lone lady golfer participating in Men’s competition.

Here is the link to the live scoring website. Please select one of the flags on the upper left side for your language preference.

The first hole of the golf course (Photo credit Anders Hillding):


Paul Waring and Hans Elgaard on the green (Photo credit):


Golfers shake hands at the end of their round (Photo credit Anders Hillding):