WDGC 2014 Official Results

Message from Gavin Balharrie, outgoing WDGC TD:

Hello all,

Trust you all have got home safe and sound.

Attached is official results the 2014 World Deaf Golf Championships at Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, Michigan, USA on July 15-18,2014.

Please click here:  2014WDGC_OfficialResults
These results are now official, as signed off by myself as WDGF Technical Director.

All results remain the same, except that on Day 3 in the Mens Team Tournament, the Team Score for South Africa was incorrectly recorded as 339 and should have been recorded as 332. Therefore total Team Score by South Africa is 1340, and elevates South Africa to 6th overall. Sweden with 1343 drops down to 7th overall.

Any queries or issues, please do not hesitate to contact myself (secretary@worlddeafgolf.com)

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate EVERYONE on their achievements in USA, and would like to say a special thanks to the 2014 OC, in particular Darrell Hovinen, Dan Hall and the Grand Traverse Resort staff for a very smooth and exciting golf tournament.

Look forward to seeing all of you at Denmark 2016 !


Gavin Balharrie
WDGF Technical Director

PS…It has been a brilliant 4 years serving as Technical Director and been a privilege to work with you all, and look forward to working for you all for next 4 years as Secretary General of WDGF.

WDGC 2014 – Round 4 (Part 1)

Greetings everyone!

The first half of the fourth round is completed.  The weather is so great at 75ºF (23ºC).  The golfers are having ups and downs but importantly, they are very proud that they have completed the tournament.

Please note that we will be quite busy within the next 5 hours due to the celebration of champions on the 18th holes (both on Wolverine and Bear) and closing ceremony banquet.   We will try to post the final commentary at the end of the round 4, but it will be brief and to the point!

More formal commentary will be completed either tomorrow on Saturday, July 19 or Sunday, July 20th.

Thank you for your support of the WDGC 2014, golfers, and the WDGF!

WDGC 2014 – Round 3

What a day that has been for everyone!  First off, the weather was great!  The temperature was 16 to 18 degrees Celcius (67 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) this morning, on July 17th.  Then the weather warmed up into the afternoon resulting in 20′s C (low 70′s F).

IMG_8820Several golfers have played quite well in spite of difficult pin placement on each green.  A pin placement is where a flag is placed on the green that a golfer must strategize on aiming her/his shot.   The third round competition has heated up as several top golfers are now vying for the first place at the end of 4th round tomorrow afternoon.

One golfer had to withdraw due to an injury.  We wish her a speedy recovery.  In the final round tee times, 4 groups with higher scores will be teeing off on the 10th tee of the Bear course.  The Rules Committee hopes to have all the players completed by 4 pm at the latest, just in time for the closing ceremony

IMG_9542The top three players in the Ladies’ divisions are Patti Lopez (USA) at 230 alter shooting a good 76.  The next two players have traded their positions:  Andrea Hjellegjerde (NOR) shot a strong 74 to place 2nd place into the 4th round and Leonie Warringa (NED) shot an 88 that she is now 15 shots behind the leader.

Warringa was the Ladies champion at the 2012 WDGC in Japan.  It was her first deaf golf tournament.  The experience was wonderful that Warringa has returned for another shot at the title.  With the two newcomers, Warringa has a new challenge on her hands — to retain her championship title.

Kenneth Hoffman (CAN) was the Senior Men WDGC champion in 2010 and 2012.  This year, we have new names in the top five positions after the today’s round.  Charles Mikkers (NED), the 1st timer at the WDGC, is currently leading at the top position with a total of 238 strokes.  Keith Worek (USA) is in the second place with 241.  Mikkers could have been leading by 7 strokes but he was penalized 4 strokes for riding a golf cart (buggy) without a doctor’s certificate.   Two other Americans are in the top five and they are Gerald Isobe and John Rush with a total of 243 each.  Hoffman is also sharing the 3rd spot with the two Americans.


The Men’s leader remains Jack Besley (AUS) with continuous performance of shooting a 76 for a total of 227.  Hans Elgaard (DEN) remains 2 strokes back in 2nd place and Paul Waring (ENG) is 3 strokes back in 3rd place.  Michael Burris (ENG) is sitting in the fourth position after a 79 in the 3rd round. Besley is aiming to win this year’s championship after placing 8th at the Scotland 2010 and 3rd at the Japan 2012.   Elgaard is one of the most consistent golfers in the WDGC history, placing in the top 10 since his first WDGC in 2000 (South Africa).  Will he win the championship?  This remains to be seen at tomorrow’s round!

Here are the complete results — click here.

For photos, please visit the Facebook page by clicking here.

The WDGF Board wishes everyone best of luck in the final round of the WDGC 2014!


WDGC 2014 – Round 2

Greetings from sunny Traverse City!


The weather has improved from the cold weather at 55ºF (13ºC) to 68ºF (20ºC).  That was a relief for everyone; but that does not mean everyone improved at the same time.

The golfers still played well; some of them saw their scores improve to lower scores and some of them saw their score get a little higher than their previous scores.  There are two more rounds that they will focus on their strategies with hopes some of them become champions or make it to the top 10 spots.

We have to remember that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.  When you are in a good shape, the mental condition stays strong; otherwise, it would be hard work to keep your focus sharp throughout the 18 holes.

Since yesterday’s heavy rain, the Wolverine and Bear golf courses were recovering from water drenches.  Later in the day, the conditions of the golf courses improved.  The WDGC 2014 Committee and the WDGF are grateful to the Grand Traverse Golf Resort for their handwork in keeping up with the golf course conditions throughout the tournament.


Patti Lopez (USA) has taken the lead by shooting a steady 78 with a two-round total of 154.  The next golfer, Leonie Warringa (NED), is three strokes back after shooting 80 with a two-round total of 157.   Andrea Hjellegjerde (NOR) is 9 strokes back from the lead after scoring an 87.  Her two-round total score is 163.

On the Senior Men’s side, Keith Worek (USA), Charlers Mikkers (NED) and Kenneth Hoffman (CAN) are now neck to neck with two strokes apart.  Worek is leading at 157, Mikkers at 158, and Hoffman at 159.  Exciting competition!!

The Men’s competition is becoming interesting!  The top four golfers are playing so well that they are giving each other a chase in the tournament.   Jack Besley (AUS) is holding steadily onto the lead by shooting 76 for a total of 151; Michael Burris (ENG) has stormed into the top 3 with a 73 today for a total of 152.  Hans Elgaard (DEN) is tied with Burris after shooting a good 75.  Paul Waring (ENG) is staying close with a second round score of 77 for a total of 153.

The USA Deaf Golf teams are dominating first place spots in each category.  Various nations are 2nd and 3rd places with a large gap from the first place spots.

For full results in each category, please click here.

For more photos, visit the WDGF Facebook page by clicking here.  This is the only part 1 of today’s 2nd round.  More to come tonight (after 9 pm EST).

WDGC 2014 – Round 1

Greetings from Traverse City, Michigan, USA!


The tournament started off without a hitch with thanks to volunteers and hard-working organizing committee — particularly the Rules Committee!   Two golf courses were used to accommodate 111 golfers – second to Scotland 2010′s record of 115 golfers.  The Wolverine course was the venue for ladies and senior men; the Bear course was venue for the men.  The ladies’ first group reported in at approximately at 7 am EST for their 7:15 am tee-off.   The senior men groups followed with the first tee-off time at 8:09 am.  The Men’s teed off at 7:30 am EST.

The first day has proven challenging for every golfer in the first round of the four rounds.  The weather was not favourable as it was cold most of the day; heavy rain hit the golf courses after 11 AM EST.   Groups, who teed off between 7:15 am and 8:27 am had the advantage of dealing with bad weather.


Two golfers withdrew to personal health reasons.  Both golfers were very distraught after spending months preparing for this presitigious golf tournament.  Their families, friends, and fans are pouring in lots of support to the non-playing golfers.  Overall, the golfers played quite well in spite the cold weather.

The top 3 ladies were Andrea Hjellegjerde of Norway at 76, Patti Lopez of the USA at 76, and Leonie Warringa at 77.  They have set a new standard at the 2014 WDGC.  We have never had lady golfers set the tone at a WDGC like this.  Quite a feat!

The top 3 senior men were Kenneth Hoffman of Canada at 79, Keith Worek of USA at 80, and John Rush of USA at 80.  There were 9 golfers with put to 5 strokes behind the second place scores.  This will be a close competition in the 2nd round!

The top 3 men were Jack Besley of Australia at 75, Paul Waring of England at 76, and Hans Elgaard of Denmark at 77.  Three other men golfers scored below 80 as well.  We will see out the scores come out after the 2nd round.

To view more photos, please visit the WDGF Facebook Page by clicking here.

To view the compete scores, please visit the WDGC 2014 website by clicking here.